Why I Stopped Blogging for A Year & Why I'm BACK!

OH Hey there, it's been a while!  Besides my most recent post on my trip to Whistler & one other post announcing that Life Lapse app was live in the fall, it has been almost a year since I abandoned Bolandia, the blog! Why? I'm so glad you asked. Honestly, this past year has been a little crazy for me navigating the start-up world & app industry. It's left little room for hobbies & when I do get a break (I've done a fair amount of traveling), I just want to chill. I have barely picked up my camera this year to shoot personally because I've been so focussed on growing Life Lapse. If I did shoot on a trip, the footage is still sitting on my hard drive. Even Jack's  poor Instagram account has been lack lustre, haha. 

So why I am back? I miss creating & sharing anything/everything that interests me. Whether it's a travel tip or sharing my experience of growing a business. I LOVE TO SHARE THAT SHIT. I've held back for a year because of 1- time & 2- I wasn't sure on the proper etiquette on sharing business information, especially if I plan to raise capital for my business. I thought by sharing my failures & learnings along the way it would make me look vulnerable and to be frank, an idiot. This year has been filled with a lot of failure and rejection and I'm ready to start talking about it, hopefully, so other people don't repeat the same mistakes that I do. There's also been lots of wins, which I'm excited to talk about too! 

Filmmaking & photography will always be a passion of mine. Since picking the camera back up the past few weeks, I can already feel creative energy flowin' and it makes me freakin' stoked!! Shooting for me, is a form of #SelfLove, it fuels me.  I've seen so many slick new techniques in film & photography lately and I'm ready & inspired to push myself creatively on my own projects. 

What to expect next, on Bolandia

  1. I'm going to start opening up about my journey with Life Lapse. The up's the down's & everything in between. 
  2. I launched a Youtube Channel! PS, I'd love a couple of subscribers, click here to subscribe to  your homegirl. 
  3. Filming/ Photography Tutorials
  4. New things happening both personally & professionally! I already have two posts that will be going live in this category ;) 
  5. As I mentioned above...anything & everything that interests me.