The Side Hustle

I remember selling Costco candy & lemonade outside of my house as a child. As soon as I was old enough, I got a paper route. After that came countless part-time jobs. All through my career while working a full-time job, I've always been doing photography & filmmaking client work on the side. Am I a workaholic? In the earlier years it was to supplement my income, because we all know living in Vancouver ain't cheap, especially if you're living solo. 

I'm at a point in my career where I don't need to do client work on the side to supplement my income. I'm living with my boyfriend and my salary is good. I've been asking myself, "Why do I have this urge to keep growing my business?". Well, let me tell you why the hustle just got more real...

Okay, so as a reminder this is in my "personal" blog category, so it's about to get real personal. Back in February, I got the chilling news that my Dad had a stroke. I flew back to Ontario immediately. 2 weeks after my dad's stroke, he passed. It was awful. I had never experienced a close loss like this before. The first couple of weeks back in Vancouver were very hard. I was checked out. I didn't want to do anything. I still haven't fully gotten back into old lifestyle routines but I'm getting there day by day. 

My dad's stroke came as a surprise. He did have some blood clotting issues in the past, but nobody ever expected this to happen. When you experience losing somebody close to you, it gives you a new perspective on life. Super cliche, I know. But quotes like "life is short" & "live every day like it's your last" have more meaning for me now. 

Okay, so what does this have to do with my business? I'd be lying if I didn't think this before, but after my dad passing the "FUCK IT, LET'S DO THIS!" motto is on repeat. My business has been on the back burner my whole career and it's time that I put the effort into it if I want it to grow & give it the chance it deserves. I will continue to work full time and do this on evenings & weekends. I've been hustling hard for the past 3 weekends and you know what? It feels fucking fabulous!!!