Taking a Break from Camera's While Staycationing

It’s 6:32 am, I’m wide awake with my coffee made and downloading footage from a client shoot this weekend. After taking a much-needed staycation last week, I’m feeling refreshed, EXCITED  and inspired to get back to work. Craving routine and getting back to achieving my goals. For the past 2 weeks, I’ve had friends and family from back east visiting. My future sister-in-law, Anna-Sarah, along with my bestie Allison and her BF, Nick. 

We planned it so they could in town at the same time so Bobo and I could take the week off and get as much exploring done as possible with everyone. We rented an Airbnb in Gibsons. We walked around town, visited a brewery, swam in Porpoise Bay (Okay, maybe I just went into the water to my knees lol), hiked Pender Hill, swam in Ruby Lake and went stand up paddle boarding in Gibsons. I brought all my camera gear but surprisingly wasn’t in the mood to capture every moment like I normally am. I got a couple of drone shots on top of the Pender Hill and a few GoPro shots in the water, but other than that I found myself unplugged and enjoying the time with friends & family. Maybe the lack of blue skies due to smoke left me feeling uninspired. I've also noticed over the past few months I've been using a DSLR less and less to take photos. Maybe because I find the iPhone 7 Plus photo quality pretty damn good that I don’t feel the need to lug around multiple cameras. Anyway, what I’m trying to say is it felt nice to take a break from it all, even if it meant I’m not going to have an epic vacation video. LOL

I found out this weekend my App is expected to be done by September 1st. AHHHHH! Guys, that is literally TWO WEEKS AWAY. 😐  I was dreaming of the app all of last night and everything I need to do before it launches. Hence why I jumped out of bed this morning to start working. I still have film work to wrap up, want to get done before diving into being 100% focussed on the app. This week I’m going to be sharing a post on how I’m building the app, if you haven’t already, please subscribe to my newsletter so you never miss a post 😉.