Galiano Island // VIDEO

I'm a little late to the game in posting this footage but better late then never, right?! Bobo, Jack and I went to Galiano for the first time back in February for the Family Day long weekend. The weather was glorious and I can't wait to go back and explore more in the summer! Below is the breakdown of where we went and the Airbnb that we stayed in! Claim your $50 Airbnb credit here.

1- Bodega Ridge Hike

2- Montague Harbour Provincial Park

3- Bellhouse Provincial Park

4- Airbnb (Trish was an amazing host!)


First Step Towards Minimalism: Purging the Closet!

Ahhh, what a glorious feeling it is to purge the closet and begin my journey to a minimalist lifestyle! Since I can remember I have been guilty of making impulse purchases for clothes I don't need and subscribing to the latest trends. And since I have the "worry" gene I tend to never travel light and have accepted the nickname "crazy bag lady" because I always overpack in case I have that "what if" moment of needing something. I'm hoping to change this mentality in 2017. I've already started and it feels AMAZING. I went out on boxing day with my Mom and only bought one pair of leggings because my old ones had a hole in them. Historically, as a bargain hunter, boxing day was my thing. I remember getting up at 5am some years to go to the Eaton Center with my mom and my friend Danielle and blowing whatever money I had saved or gotten over Christmas on what? I don't even remember

After watching "Minimalism The Documentary" by Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus it really opened my eyes to my bad spending habits and how unnecessary they are. Do these items actually bring me/others happiness? Could I invest my money better? After donating half of the clothes in my closet I really hope to eliminate/limit the number of items coming in. Although I can't pack my entire closet into one suitcase, it does feel liberating to have a closet full of clothes I actually wear. Waking up in the mornings is a lot more enjoyable. I'm going to do research on clothing brands that make their clothes sustainably and will share with you once I find them! The impact that the fashion industry has on the environment is NOT GOOD and I'm just beginning to learn this.

Experiences Instead of Gifts for Christmas

I started my 2017 resolution at the beginning of December in an effort to be more present with family and friends and to lead a more minimalist life instead of a material one. Instead of giving gifts this year I CREATED EXPERIENCES. Bobo and I have everything we need (not to sound snooty or rude), but we are constantly trying to declutter our place and we’re in the position that if we need something, we can buy it ourselves. I want to SPEND TIME with family and friends. THAT is what matters. The older I get the more I realize how ridiculous it is to buy material gifts for people because you NEED to buy them a gift. How many gifts that you get do you actually use? Mine usually collect dust. (The more I write this out the more I sound like a grinch, but moving on….haha.) Before the 2016 holidays, I emailed my family and said “Instead of spending $50 on secret Santa gifts for each other, why not spend that money on a meal and a fun activity?" We went ax throwing and it was amazing. Instead of Bobo and I buying gifts for each other we put money towards flights home to see family & going to festive events in Vancouver before we left like Enchant & Capilano suspension bridge. I made this film to show what spending money on experiences instead of material items would look like over the holidays. Would you consider doing this next year with your family? I KNOW THIS SOUNDS CHEESY - but I felt so emotional while editing this! I'm so grateful to have such amazing family and friends, Love you guys! (even if you I didn't get a chance to get a film clip of you to include in this video) 

Saltery Bay

Can I just tell you that I am having SO MUCH FUN with my new drone? I've never been so excited to edit footage before in my life! Last weekend Bobo, Jack and I travelled a hop, skip and jump over to Saltery Bay Provincial campground, just south of Powell River. We had it booked from Friday-Sunday but since it was raining on the Friday, we couldn't leave until Bobo was done work AND we had to take two ferries we decided to just get an early start on Saturday morning. When I booked the campsite I thought it was just north of Gibsons and not two ferries away....oops! haha. It was a long an expensive trip for camping for 1 night but....was still worth it (HASHTAG NO REGRETS)! If you're thinking of heading to Saltery Bay area, I would highly recommend at least a two night stay to make the trip worth while. Check out the video and all the locations featured in the video below :) [fbvideo link="" width="800" height="449" onlyvideo="1"]


Saltery Bay Campground | Map | Make a ReservationBeach of Sunshine Coast Highway (beside oceanside resort) | Map 

Skookumchuck Narrows | Map


Don Bosch Park on Ruby Lake (not featured in video) | Map


Halfmoon Bay

Welcome to my new video series! Since I love adventuring around this beautiful province I call home and 99% of the time lug my camera with me to document it, I figured I'd create a new video series called "Explore BC". The first video in the series is from a weekend trip to the Sunshine Coast to Halfmoon Bay.

Time from Vancouver

2.5 hours- Only a 40 minute ferry ride form Horseshoe Bay to Gibsons

Where we Stayed

This 2 bedroom Airbnb

What to Do

Go floating & swimming at Trout Lake

Hike to Skookumchuck Narrows

Go swimming in Ruby Lake aka the warmest lake I’ve ever been in!

Grab Coffee at Halfmoon Bay Cafe and walk down to the water.

See pictures from this trip in this blog post

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