Galiano Island // VIDEO

I'm a little late to the game in posting this footage but better late then never, right?! Bobo, Jack and I went to Galiano for the first time back in February for the Family Day long weekend. The weather was glorious and I can't wait to go back and explore more in the summer! Below is the breakdown of where we went and the Airbnb that we stayed in! Claim your $50 Airbnb credit here.

1- Bodega Ridge Hike

2- Montague Harbour Provincial Park

3- Bellhouse Provincial Park

4- Airbnb (Trish was an amazing host!)


Experiences Instead of Gifts for Christmas

I started my 2017 resolution at the beginning of December in an effort to be more present with family and friends and to lead a more minimalist life instead of a material one. Instead of giving gifts this year I CREATED EXPERIENCES. Bobo and I have everything we need (not to sound snooty or rude), but we are constantly trying to declutter our place and we’re in the position that if we need something, we can buy it ourselves. I want to SPEND TIME with family and friends. THAT is what matters. The older I get the more I realize how ridiculous it is to buy material gifts for people because you NEED to buy them a gift. How many gifts that you get do you actually use? Mine usually collect dust. (The more I write this out the more I sound like a grinch, but moving on….haha.) Before the 2016 holidays, I emailed my family and said “Instead of spending $50 on secret Santa gifts for each other, why not spend that money on a meal and a fun activity?" We went ax throwing and it was amazing. Instead of Bobo and I buying gifts for each other we put money towards flights home to see family & going to festive events in Vancouver before we left like Enchant & Capilano suspension bridge. I made this film to show what spending money on experiences instead of material items would look like over the holidays. Would you consider doing this next year with your family? I KNOW THIS SOUNDS CHEESY - but I felt so emotional while editing this! I'm so grateful to have such amazing family and friends, Love you guys! (even if you I didn't get a chance to get a film clip of you to include in this video) 

The 6 Benefits of Adopting a Dog

I've been meaning to make this post for a few months but for whatever reason I never got around to it. 6.5 years ago I moved to Vancouver and unfortunately and had to leave my two little yorkies behind (RIP Molly & Nellie). Bringing the yorkies out weren't an option because I was renting in buildings that were never pet friendly and to be frank I wasn't at a time in my life where I could have handled the responsibility. Fast forward to fall of 2015 and Jacky-Poo came into my life! I know this sounds so cliche but the little scruff ball brings so much joy to my life. There is nothing better than coming home to a dog with a wagging tale jumping to get your attention because he's so happy to see you!

6 Reasons to #AdoptDontShop

  1. You're saving a dogs life and for this reason alone, the dog will love you more and you're basically a hero. Yes, I'm calling myself a hero. I'm pretty sure Jack has imprinted on me because I was the one who picked him up from the shelter and he spent 6 hours on my lap while I drove back to Vancouver.
  2.  You can adopt a dog that is already house trained.
  3. Adopting is wayyyy cheaper than buying from a breeder. While breeders range from $700 - $1500+ you can adopt a dog for as little as $200 (depending which rescue you go to)
  4. You have an idea of what the dogs personality is like because the rescue/ shelter will assess their behaviour.
  5. is a centralized system where all rescues & shelters list available dogs making it easy for you to search location, breed, sex, etc!
  6. Okay, I left this one to #6 because it's a pretty shallow reason....but you know how ALL PUPPIES ARE CUTE? Obviously, a baby of anything is cute for gods sake. When you're adopting an adult dog you already know what it looks like fully grown so you can guaranteed it meets your standards.

I'd highly recommend adopting from Adams County Pet Rescue in Washington, even if you're a Vancourite. (See why in this post on adopting Jack.)

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Why I've Gone Plant Based & 3 Major Impacts It's Had

"Everything in moderation” my mom said after I told her I was now eating a plant-based diet. Sarah doesn’t do moderation, I’m either on one end of the spectrum or the other, resulting in zero balance. (Not trying to convert anyone to go plant-based here, just sharing my story on why I chose to go plant based :D )

On May 1st Bobo and I had come home from a trip from the Sunshine Coast. We took Jack to several beaches before getting on the ferry and he was a muddy mess, so when we got back to New Westminster we took him to Royal City Paws Centre self-wash dog station. In the reception area, there was a scale there and out of curiosity Bobo and I weighed ourselves since we’re never around scales. I was the heaviest I had ever been. I usually don’t focus much on the number on the scale but combine that with how tight all my clothes were, my low energy and the lack of self-confidence I felt the need for a change. I’m usually a pretty healthy eater but had been on a bit of a binger since my trip to Vegas in April, so it wasn’t too surprising. I’m telling you, it’s a slippery slope for Sarah.

That Sunday night after getting unpacked I decided to watch the documentaries “Forks Over Knives” and “Cowspiracy” on Netflix back to back. While “Forks Over Knives” focuses on the health impacts of humans eating meat & dairy, “Cowspiracy” focuses on the environmental impact of animal agriculture. The two were very eye opening. The clip below was (was delete the extra way)the “final straw” for me if you will:



I can’t say that these documentaries would have had the same impact had I watched them on different days and I hadn’t felt like I was at absolute low with my health/weight that day. Since that day I have been mostly plant-based. I’m not gonna lie, I’ve had a few Doritos chips here and there but 95% of the time I’m eating grains, veggies, fruit & nuts!  I’m pretty proud and to be honest surprised this has lasted 2 months. I have no idea if this will last another week let alone a lifetime, I’m just taking it day by day trying to be creative with recipes and hopefully not shoving my views down other people’s throats too much, haha. Though….may I recommend watching those documentaries? (trailers at the bottom of this article) lol.

So far I've noticed THREE MAJOR CHANGES:

  • My sleeps have been IMPECCABLE. I wake up feeling ready to start the day. I've never been one to jump out of bed in the mornings....maybe I'm exaggerating a little here... but it has definitely been easier to get up in the mornings and I don't feel groggy.
  • My skin is the clearest it's ever been. I've always noticed vegans have GLOWING skin and although mine isn't at a "glowing" point just yet, I get blemishes significantly less now.
  • MORE ENERGY!!! No explanation needed.

Biggest Challenge so far:

Eating out is a bitch, unless you're going to some East Van vegetarian hipster joint. So far my most memorable eating out experience was at the Keg for a friends birthday. I actually love the Keg and usually go any time I'm home with the family and on my birthday. MMMM....Steak. I know it was my choice to go plant based and going to a steak house in retrospect wouldn't provide a plethora of dish options for plant-based eaters. My dinner consisted of a pathetic side dish of unseasoned steamed veggies (mostly green beans) with a side of fries. BLAHHH. My food was SO boring compared to the delicious steaks everybody else was eating (boo-hoo, right Sarah?). The struggle is real folks.

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Saltery Bay

Can I just tell you that I am having SO MUCH FUN with my new drone? I've never been so excited to edit footage before in my life! Last weekend Bobo, Jack and I travelled a hop, skip and jump over to Saltery Bay Provincial campground, just south of Powell River. We had it booked from Friday-Sunday but since it was raining on the Friday, we couldn't leave until Bobo was done work AND we had to take two ferries we decided to just get an early start on Saturday morning. When I booked the campsite I thought it was just north of Gibsons and not two ferries away....oops! haha. It was a long an expensive trip for camping for 1 night but....was still worth it (HASHTAG NO REGRETS)! If you're thinking of heading to Saltery Bay area, I would highly recommend at least a two night stay to make the trip worth while. Check out the video and all the locations featured in the video below :) [fbvideo link="" width="800" height="449" onlyvideo="1"]


Saltery Bay Campground | Map | Make a ReservationBeach of Sunshine Coast Highway (beside oceanside resort) | Map 

Skookumchuck Narrows | Map


Don Bosch Park on Ruby Lake (not featured in video) | Map


7 Christmas Costumes for Dogs

HEY GUYS. Take a peak into my latest project...CHRISTMAS DOG/cat COSTUMES. haha. Check out these 7 costume ideas if  you're dog obsessed and want to use your pooch's photo on your Christmas cards or you just want to make your pets Instagram account more festive for the season. This morning I went to starbucks to buy a banana just so I could get one of those brown paper bags to make costume #4. The guy handed me a small paper bag with some festive design on it, completely embarrassed I asked if I could get the larger brown bag for my single banana. He kindly asked what it was for and I told him a costume. He looked confused, probably cause Halloween has been over for a month now. Straight up I said "I'm making a red cup costume for my dog. That's my day today, are you jealous?". He replied with "I'll give bags out to anybody who is making costumes!".


I used a white boa from the dollar store and tied it to his collar. Once it was tied I used white acrylic paint to cover the feathers and dust with glitter.

Bolandia Blogger Vancouver - Dog Christmas Costumes-9651
Bolandia Blogger Vancouver - Dog Christmas Costumes-9651


Bolandia Blogger Vancouver - Dog Christmas Costumes-9462
Bolandia Blogger Vancouver - Dog Christmas Costumes-9462

Antlers from Dollarama with a red Christmas ball orniment


I don't what this is technically called but the crown is a decorative piece you use around candles. Plaid shirt is a children's shirt from the thrift store.

Bolandia Blogger Vancouver - Dog Christmas Costumes-9506
Bolandia Blogger Vancouver - Dog Christmas Costumes-9506


Bolandia Blogger Vancouver - Dog Christmas Costumes-9562
Bolandia Blogger Vancouver - Dog Christmas Costumes-9562

I used red bristol board and cut it into a + shape. Tape the Starbucks brown paper bag to the horizontal strip and place under your dog. Tape to other side of +. Use a cup lid as topper. :) THE CLASSIC: SANTA DOG

Bolandia Blogger Vancouver - Dog Christmas Costumes-9488
Bolandia Blogger Vancouver - Dog Christmas Costumes-9488

Full costume from Dollarama, though I'm sure you can buy a prettier more expensive one at any pet store ;) CHRISTMAS TREE DOG

This one is my favourite. Make sure if you're doing this you plug in the lights after they've been placed on your dog so they don't get too warm. The star is from Dollarama (surprise, surprise) and I used pipe cleaners around the points of the bottom two pieces that goes around his neck.

Bolandia Blogger Vancouver - Dog Christmas Costumes-9637
Bolandia Blogger Vancouver - Dog Christmas Costumes-9637


Bolandia Blogger Vancouver - Dog Christmas Costumes-9522
Bolandia Blogger Vancouver - Dog Christmas Costumes-9522

Plaid scarf & glasses, need I say more to achieve a "hipster" look for your dog? Well actually a toque would have been perfect but it was hard enough to get the glasses to stay on sooooo....