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Plant Based Burrito Bowl topped with Lime, Avocado & Cilantro sauce && Mango Salsa // Gluten, Dairy & Meat Free

I used to make a meat & dairy version of this with ground turkey, cheese & sour cream. The new plant-based version is pretty delicious too and very filling. Ingredients (serves 2) 1 Large sweet potato 1 Onion 1 Can of corn 2 Cloves of garlic 1 Can of black beans 2 Medium sized tomatoes 2 Servings of rice 1 Cup of spinach 2 Tablespoons of Mango Salsa

Sauce: 1 Avacado Some cilantro 2 Juices limes

First thing first, pre-heat the oven to 375 degrees, peel the sweet potato and chop into little chunks. Throw into oven. Yes...THROW IT IN! (jk). Oh, and don't forget to add a little bit of olive oil to the potatoes. Now, let's get that rice started so that can also be cooking as you prepare the rest of the veggies. Next chop the onions, tomatoes, and garlic. Throw into a frying pan along with the rinsed beans and corn. While this is cooking chop up the spinach and make the sauce. I use my food processor to blend together the sauce. Once everything is cooked place into a bowl, add some salsa and cover with sauce.


Spicy Peanut Veggie Noodle Bowl

This recipe is quick, healthy and most importantly delicious! I found the recipe on Pinterest and made a few modifications along the way. RECIPE serves 2

  • 2 carrots, grated
  • half a zucchini, chopped
  • 1/2 onion
  • 2 cups of spinach (I chop mine up finely)
  • 1 cup of peas
  • 2 bunches of rice noodles


  • 3 tablespoons of soy sauce
  • 1/2 lime, juiced
  • 2 tablespoons of crushed garlic
  • 1 tablespoon of peanut butter
  • 1 teaspoon of ginger
  • 1 teaspoon of sriracha
  • 1 teaspoon of soy chilli sauce

Boil a pot of water and cook rice noodles. In a frying pan, saute the onions, zucchini, and peas. While this is cooking blend the sauce ingredients in your blender of choice. Drain the noodles and distribute between two bowls. Add the raw spinach, carrots, and fried onions zucchini & peas. Top with sauce.

Bolandia Blogger Vancouver - Spicy Peanut Veggie Noodle Bowl-7712
Bolandia Blogger Vancouver - Spicy Peanut Veggie Noodle Bowl-7712
Bolandia Blogger Vancouver - Spicy Peanut Veggie Noodle Bowl-7715
Bolandia Blogger Vancouver - Spicy Peanut Veggie Noodle Bowl-7715
Bolandia Blogger Vancouver - Spicy Peanut Veggie Noodle Bowl-7724
Bolandia Blogger Vancouver - Spicy Peanut Veggie Noodle Bowl-7724
Bolandia Blogger Vancouver - Spicy Peanut Veggie Noodle Bowl-7736
Bolandia Blogger Vancouver - Spicy Peanut Veggie Noodle Bowl-7736
Bolandia Blogger Vancouver - Spicy Peanut Veggie Noodle Bowl-7743
Bolandia Blogger Vancouver - Spicy Peanut Veggie Noodle Bowl-7743

Why I've Gone Plant Based & 3 Major Impacts It's Had

"Everything in moderation” my mom said after I told her I was now eating a plant-based diet. Sarah doesn’t do moderation, I’m either on one end of the spectrum or the other, resulting in zero balance. (Not trying to convert anyone to go plant-based here, just sharing my story on why I chose to go plant based :D )

On May 1st Bobo and I had come home from a trip from the Sunshine Coast. We took Jack to several beaches before getting on the ferry and he was a muddy mess, so when we got back to New Westminster we took him to Royal City Paws Centre self-wash dog station. In the reception area, there was a scale there and out of curiosity Bobo and I weighed ourselves since we’re never around scales. I was the heaviest I had ever been. I usually don’t focus much on the number on the scale but combine that with how tight all my clothes were, my low energy and the lack of self-confidence I felt the need for a change. I’m usually a pretty healthy eater but had been on a bit of a binger since my trip to Vegas in April, so it wasn’t too surprising. I’m telling you, it’s a slippery slope for Sarah.

That Sunday night after getting unpacked I decided to watch the documentaries “Forks Over Knives” and “Cowspiracy” on Netflix back to back. While “Forks Over Knives” focuses on the health impacts of humans eating meat & dairy, “Cowspiracy” focuses on the environmental impact of animal agriculture. The two were very eye opening. The clip below was (was delete the extra way)the “final straw” for me if you will:



I can’t say that these documentaries would have had the same impact had I watched them on different days and I hadn’t felt like I was at absolute low with my health/weight that day. Since that day I have been mostly plant-based. I’m not gonna lie, I’ve had a few Doritos chips here and there but 95% of the time I’m eating grains, veggies, fruit & nuts!  I’m pretty proud and to be honest surprised this has lasted 2 months. I have no idea if this will last another week let alone a lifetime, I’m just taking it day by day trying to be creative with recipes and hopefully not shoving my views down other people’s throats too much, haha. Though….may I recommend watching those documentaries? (trailers at the bottom of this article) lol.

So far I've noticed THREE MAJOR CHANGES:

  • My sleeps have been IMPECCABLE. I wake up feeling ready to start the day. I've never been one to jump out of bed in the mornings....maybe I'm exaggerating a little here... but it has definitely been easier to get up in the mornings and I don't feel groggy.
  • My skin is the clearest it's ever been. I've always noticed vegans have GLOWING skin and although mine isn't at a "glowing" point just yet, I get blemishes significantly less now.
  • MORE ENERGY!!! No explanation needed.

Biggest Challenge so far:

Eating out is a bitch, unless you're going to some East Van vegetarian hipster joint. So far my most memorable eating out experience was at the Keg for a friends birthday. I actually love the Keg and usually go any time I'm home with the family and on my birthday. MMMM....Steak. I know it was my choice to go plant based and going to a steak house in retrospect wouldn't provide a plethora of dish options for plant-based eaters. My dinner consisted of a pathetic side dish of unseasoned steamed veggies (mostly green beans) with a side of fries. BLAHHH. My food was SO boring compared to the delicious steaks everybody else was eating (boo-hoo, right Sarah?). The struggle is real folks.

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