Meet my dog, JACK.


I am officially responsible for another living thing that is now considered the silver lining in my life.

I've been looking at adopting a dog for about a month now and when I got laid off I thought there couldn't be better time to adopt. I can spend time with him, train him and he is a happy distraction. Last week I was on the road from 6:30am to 8:00pm going to pick up Jack from Adam's County Pet Rescue in Othello, Washington. He is an 8 month old terrier and I found him using the website

I got pretty frustrated with the Dog rescue scene in Vancouver. One in particular told me I could go see two of their dogs on two separate occasions. They said "Let me ask the foster parent when a good time to come by would be."  I cleared my schedule for the day waiting with excitement for hear what time I would be meeting the dog. When I went on Facebook I saw the rescue had post a picture of the dog I was supposed to see with their new family. I understand there's a lot of applicants that are probably better suited, but when somebody is waiting around refreshing their email every 2 minutes waiting to hear back from you the least you can do is inform once you've found said family.

Thankfully the poor communication with that particular dog rescue led me to Adam's County Pet Rescue. They had a plethora of dogs to choose from and had excellent email correspondence with my 101 questions about Jack.