I'm Building an App!!

This crazy idea to build an app came to me 9 months ago. Though I can't share all the details what the app does yet, I can give you a hint that it is a video app....surprise surprise! ;) The idea has taken an 180 since it first came to fruition and I couldn't be more thrilled with where it is at now. I absolutely love creating emotionally charged films and my goal with this app is to give people a tool so they can do it too with their smart phones. I want my work to impact MILLIONS of people. Yes, millions. The app can be used by everyone whether you're an expecting mom, a high school student or a grandma! 

Okay, but "How?" you're probably wondering. No, I don't code, lol. I've been documenting the journey of creating this app since Day 1, on April 20th of this year to be exact, and I will be sharing something new each week on how I've created it & the process, my business plan, the costs, what the app does & more! Firstly, I'm going to share how I went from having this idea to taking the plunge to build this. 

Besides just having the idea in my head, I began to have conversations with my developer friends. I had a very rough idea of what it would cost.....though it's worked out to be double that. Anytime I was around people that I thought could contribute knowledge to my app and how to bring my idea to life, I'd pick their brain. 

Back in December, I pitched the idea to my Dad. I had about 75% of the money saved but would need a 25% investment and knew he was in the position to support me. He was interested in the opportunity. With the madness of Christmas & the new year, the idea was put on hold since I was traveling a lot personally and for my job. Flash forward to February 13th and my Dad had a stroke. Two weeks later he passed. I spent a solid month after this going straight from work to bed, wake up, rinse & repeat.

After that first month passed, I went into what Sheryl Sandberg calls "Post Traumatic Growth". I began to work towards the life of my dreams because life is fucking short. What's my dream? To be a full-time entrepreneur. The best way I can describe my state after my dad passed was that I was suffocating. It felt like I needed to live life twice as hard to make-up for my Dad being gone. Don't waste a single a day, hour, second. Don't take anything for granted. Live each day like it's the last. We've all heard these sayings before, but holy shit, was I was living it...and still am. 

I worked 7 days a week to take on all the work I could get my hands on to build my business. I started building this app. I had to. It's like I owed to my dad & myself to go through with it.  Instead constantly talking about how I wanted to do all this stuff, I just DID IT. In May, I realized I had enough work for my video business lined up for the summer that I could quit my day job. This allowed me the flexibility to work on my app more during the day instead of just evening and weekends. 

For the month of July I've been hustlin' on my video business and making this app. As I wrap up the video projects from July I'll be shifting my focus after a 1-week vacation* to pour my heart and soul into this app. The app is roughly 75% done and I hope to launch in September... WAHOO!!! SO CLOSE. 

Next week I'll be sharing the process of finding a developer, how to post the job without somebody stealing your idea and the onboarding process.  Follow along on my app creation journey by subscribing to my mailing list.