Are you from Vancouver? Who is actually from Vancouver?! I'm like the 70% of the BC population from & I'm an Ontario transplant. From a town called Whitby. 

Where did you go to school? Toronto Film School. 

When & why did you move to Vancouver? in 2009 a very young Sarah Boland bought herself a one way ticket to a city she had never visited before. I wanted a change of scenery and the only other city in Canada that really had a film industry outside of Toronto was Vancouver. There's no looking back now, the beauty of this city has me hooked! 

Why do you like filming, like, every minute of your life? Haha....*slaps knee & begins to answer own question*. Besides having an obsession to relive  memories again through video, I think it's pretty awesome to use a medium such as video to share your perspective of a moment. 

What's your favourite video tool right now? I have 2. First one being my drone, I love seeing landscapes from angles I wouldn't be able to see otherwise. I'm also loving Instagram stories. I used to use snapchat avidly but I've pretty much completely switched over to Instagram now unless I'm sending 10 million snapchats of my dog to my Mom & BF. Instagram stories offers a raw perspective into people's life outside of their perfectly curated Instagram feed and I love seeing THAT side of people. 

Nikon or Canon? NEITHER! I recently made the switch to....dun dun dunnnn....SONY!! 

How would you describe your filming style? Definitely documentary style. Even when I'm creating branded content I prefer a more candid approach because I believe that capturing the essence of people is what resonates with an audience. However, there is a time and a place for scripted content!

What do you enjoying doing in your spare time? If the sun has set you'll find me in my track pants, getting spoiled with Jack cuddles and leg rubs from my BF, while watching Netflix. If it's a beautiful day, I'd probably be hiking! St. Mark's Summit and Joffre Lakes are my favourite in the city. 

Drink of choice? Wheat ale beers, Shock Top if I'm feeling cheap & Kroniegis Blanc if I'm feelin' FANCY! 

I heard you're Tinderella, is this true? It sure is and I love sharing that my BF and I met on Tinder, LOL. I'm an open book if you haven't gathered this yet and I love to share any of my personal experiences that I think can potentially help others. So yes, Tinder does work! I often ask couples how they met to better understand their love story at our consult and always find it funny when they quietly say....online. OWN IT. YOU FOUND YOUR SOUL MATE. IT'S 2017!!! 

What's your weakest strength? Spelling, grammar and the english language. I'm literally adding this question so you know it's my weakness and don't judge me for the typo's and misuse of commas and apostrophes. 

It would be awkward to not bring  up your dog since he is in every picture, tell us about Jack! Whew, never thought you'd ask! My Jacky-Poo is an adoptive little scruff ball. His personality is hilarious. I adopted him Adam's County Pet Rescue in Othello, Washington. My world revolves around him and he makes my BF & I sooooo happy. It saddens me when I see people go to breeders to spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on a puppy when there are millions of dogs that need homes. No judgement though, to each their own. But...bonus points for those adoptive parents, LOL.

Personal piece of work I'm most proud of: 



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