I am volunteering with VIFF this year as their photographer for the Gala’s. Thursday I got to head out to the Rocky Mountaineer Station and photograph the event. It was amazing!! Had the opportunity to photograph some pretty cool people &  also got to catch up with some people I’ve worked with before. I have … Continue Reading

This weekend I got to photograph Hadi’s 1st Birthday. So cute and such a lovely family! Would love to shoot more events like this…..for information on event photography please visit my website www.sarahbolandphotography.com

I am super excited that my sound blimp is now complete! The sound blimp is housing for my camera that allows me to shoot on sets without the noise of the shutter being picked up by the audio department. Up until now I have always had to shoot during rehersals….which doesn’t always capture the true … Continue Reading

I hiked up Lindeman Lake this weekend with two friends. I’ve gone camping quite a few times in the past but never “hike in” camping…or should I say “hike up” camping.  Usually I just park my car somewhere and have ample amounts of supplies that’s easy accesable, after all I’m no light packer! Some advice … Continue Reading

On Friday, in addition to photographing Natalie,  I got to photograph another one of my friends, Christina Niven. Christina is probably one of the most cheerful people I’ve ever met! Not sure how she does but she is definitely in the right industry with a personality like hers.  She’s an “Event Planner Extraordinaire”  and Hatha … Continue Reading

When I’m photographing somebody I usually tell them to do a bit of homework before hand and select and image similar to what they want. This gives me a visual of what look and tone they’re going for. This is the shot that Kyle sent me…I like to call them inspiration shots. Below are the … Continue Reading