I am volunteering with VIFF this year as their photographer for the Gala’s. Thursday I got to head out to the Rocky Mountaineer Station and photograph the event. It was amazing!! Had the opportunity to photograph some pretty cool people &  also got to catch up with some people I’ve worked with before. I have to say the highlight of my night was definitely meeting Paul Ballard. He is the lead from the show Dollhouse (which I love and was slightly obsessed with when I watched all seasons back to back, lol. Anyways here’s some pictures.


Joyce and Jacquie Robbins from “Choe & Attie”



Yoro David Noukoussi and his band performing



(left) Gregor Robertson, Mayer of Vancouver and Co-founder of Happy Planet…those amazing smoothie drinks



Me, Paul Ballard and Diana


This weekend I got to photograph Hadi’s 1st Birthday. So cute and such a lovely family! Would love to shoot more events like this…..for information on event photography please visit my website www.sarahbolandphotography.com

I am super excited that my sound blimp is now complete! The sound blimp is housing for my camera that allows me to shoot on sets without the noise of the shutter being picked up by the audio department. Up until now I have always had to shoot during rehersals….which doesn’t always capture the true emotion that the actors will project during the actual take of that scene.

Why did I make it?

You can buy sound blimps from this one company down in LA called Jacobson Photographic Instruments, Inc. Although they look great the pricing can be over $1000! (which is just not in my budget right now).


I found some instructions online on how to make your own sound blimp but was a little hesitant to make my own….I just didn’t think it would work as well. When I met Samantha Stroman on set of The Poacher she told me she made hers…which totally inspired me!!

I went back to the website I had originally looked at on how to make your own sound blimp and gave it a try:


Anyways I did a few things differently….but check it out… my pride and glory!

I made it so I can switch the lens tube to either fit my 24-70mm f2.8 or my 50mm f1.8.

I hiked up Lindeman Lake this weekend with two friends. I’ve gone camping quite a few times in the past but never “hike in” camping…or should I say “hike up” camping.  Usually I just park my car somewhere and have ample amounts of supplies that’s easy accesable, after all I’m no light packer! Some advice if you’re not fit and don’t want to carry a 50lb bag/ haven’t done this before:

  1. Don’t bring a slew of beers. Bring a mickey of hard liquor and you’ll be good for your pow wows around the fire. You’d think this is common sense but some people * cough cough me… * don’t know what they’re in for.
  2. BBQs. You can go one night without warm food
  3. Bring earplugs if the sounds of creatures in the bush keep you up at night. Pretty sure I got 2 hours of sleep. Oh and the mickey of liquor will also come in handy at night when you’re not forced to go empty your bladder a couple of times in the pitch black in the bush with god knows what creatures watching you!
  4. A headlamp, toilet paper and hand sanitizer.
  5. This hike can easily be done in a day trip from Vancouver if you’re not down for lugging a bunch of camping gear up. It’s about a 2 hour drive to the lake from the city.

On Friday, in addition to photographing Natalie,  I got to photograph another one of my friends, Christina Niven. Christina is probably one of the most cheerful people I’ve ever met! Not sure how she does but she is definitely in the right industry with a personality like hers.  She’s an “Event Planner Extraordinaire”  and Hatha Yoga Instructor.

Christina will be facilitating workshops in the near future for personal and professional development.

“SoulSpring Wellness is committed to providing high quality expertise, building and co-creating community and walking the talk, so to speak, in terms of integrity, authenticity and having care in our world.

SoulSpring Wellness is committed to providing high quality expertise, building and co-creating community and walking the talk, so to speak, in terms of integrity, authenticity and having care in our world.”

To stay tuned on her upcoming workshops please go to her website http://www.soulspringwellness.ca/

Heres some pictures from our shoot…as you can see she is a Yoga Queen!!

When I’m photographing somebody I usually tell them to do a bit of homework before hand and select and image similar to what they want. This gives me a visual of what look and tone they’re going for. This is the shot that Kyle sent me…I like to call them inspiration shots.

Below are the pictures from the shoot today. We took the pictures in the parking garage of my building. I LOVE these pics in Black and White! Kyle was in his  Dolce and Gabbana mindset during this shoot.