Since my trip to Hawaii I’ve been on a downward spiral of eating junk for solid month. I’ve noticed the impact along the waistline, my mood, and overall well being. So basically a lose lose for Sarah’s body and soul. I know that when I eat crap constantly, I not only feel like shit physically but … Continue Reading

I did this hike towards the end of February. Ever since discovering the beauties of Allouette Lake in the summer I’ve been eager to explore the trails in Golden Ears. The hike is about 11km and took us roughly 5 hours. As you can see in the photos there was some snow up top so dressing … Continue Reading

If you like adventure, this the big island is for you. My boyfriend and I had 7 days on the island and we were doing something different each day from hiking, to snorkelling to sea kayaking. What I loved about the big island is the array of landscape it has. For example: In 1 day we drove … Continue Reading

Welcome to my new video series! Since I love adventuring around this beautiful province I call home and 99% of the time lug my camera with me to document it, I figured I’d create a new video series called “Explore BC”. The first video in the series is from a weekend trip to the Sunshine Coast … Continue Reading

It’s January 27th and we’re almost a full month into 2016. For all you new years resolutioners out there trying to improve your health & eat clean, this salad is pretty damn tasty and very filling too. I don’t usually add sour cream & cheese when I make this, but I guess I was feeling … Continue Reading

My friend Allison and I had exactly two weeks to cram in 5 cities in 2 countries that we wanted to visit. Thanks to our shared Pinterest board and we narrowed it down to Istanbul, Fethiye, Santorini, Athens and Meteora. Sadly Mykonos, Cappadocia, Ephesus and Pamukkale did make the cut due the amount of travel … Continue Reading