3 Tips for Creating A Gallery Wall

1. Mimic the wall with a cut outs.  Use a brown paper roll and trace the outline of each frame. Cut them out and tape onto the wall to map out where you’d like each photo to go. If you have a aviation in frames label each piece of brown paper with which frame was … Continue Reading

Cubicle Decor

BEFORE (Hi Teresa!!) AFTER  Yes, I wallpapered my desk with banana print. lol. I (and probably you) spend 40 hours a week sitting at desk. So why not make it the way you like it? :) I grabbed the banana print from a google search, put it into a 11×16 file and sent it off … Continue Reading

Balcony Tour

So many DIY’s combined into this one post so I’ll break it down section by section :) BEFORE (how the previous owners had the balcony): AFTER: Curtains: See the full DIY post on what I used to make the curtains here. Thrifted Wicker Chair: Found this on craigslist for $40. I thought it was a lot larger … Continue Reading

Hallway Closet Makeover

Revamped my closet using Billy bookcases from Ikea and my house warming gift to myself, that mirror! I wanted the two book cases side by side so it didn’t feel so claustorphobic but they were too big by probably half an inch. I could cut the top corner off but don’t have the tools for … Continue Reading

Free Craigslist Dresser Make Over

Since my bedroom closet isn’t as large as my previous place I needed extra storage. A browsed the free section on craigslist for a few days before coming across this guy. I thought it was real wood in the pictures and wanted to sand it down and put a stain on it but it turns … Continue Reading

3 DIY Decor Projects on my Radar

I can’t wait to get settled into my new place so I can get back into doing DIY projects and share them with you of course! In no particular order here are 3 DIY decor projects I’m hoping to complete in the new few months: 1. Woven Wall Art I’m not sure how these are … Continue Reading